Verbero Aero Inline Hockey Puck

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The revolutionary puck that changed the game for inline hockey and off-ice training. The Aero Puck has ten plastic runners on each face. Similar pucks feature only eight or six runners, giving Aero Puck the edge on the competition. Ten runners means less friction between the puck and surfaces, resulting in a smooth and true glide. The runners have a sloped design that keeps the puck from rolling on its edges.

Verbero™ Aero Puck Features:

    • Construction: Highest quality PVC plastic body with 10-1/8” tapered and sloped base runners that improve glide and limit friction, while reducing the possibility of flipping on its side and rolling.The 10-1/8” runners, being smaller than our competitor’s, promote a more stable base and greater glide.
    • Ideal Uses: Sport court and other smooth surfaces for inline hockey or off-ice training